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The Innovative Holiday Park Siting System

Cost Effective | Time Saving | 100% Concrete-Free


Transform your holiday home or leisure park business with the ground-breaking alternative to traditional foundations. Introducing STAYGROUNDED™️, a revolutionary ground screw siting system designed to reduce labour time and costs – plus enhance the appeal of your planning application, by minimising disruption to land and ecology.

Unlike traditional methods, STAYGROUNDED™️ eliminates the reliance on concrete, offering a more sustainable solution. This innovative system is weather-independent, too, allowing installation in all conditions, further streamlining your project timeline. Elevate your park developments with STAYGROUNDED™️ and experience the future of efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly siting solutions.

Welcome to a new world

Of Holiday Park siting

How it works...

STAYGROUNDED™️ is a unique ground screw base siting system that replaces the costly, time-consuming and environmentally-damaging aspects of traditional foundations for holiday homes and lodges. Securely driving screws into the ground creates a quick and clean installation, that’s also 100% concrete free, for a more eco-friendly solution.

Increased flexibility, less unnecessary delays
This innovative system can be installed all year round – even in adverse weather conditions.

Easier installation of M&E inlets and outlets
With no concrete base involved, less resource is required to set up the site

More attractive planning applications
Thanks to minimal disruption to land and ecology during installation.

Hassle-free process
Our cutting edge, cost-effective sitings are delivered in collaboration with structural engineers so it’s an easier process for you.

Increased Speed of Siting

Experience unmatched efficiency with the ability to install up to 10 plots in a single day

Clean Installations

Enjoy the convenience of a lift and tie-down system combined into one

Cost Reduction

The STAYGROUNDED™️ system significantly reduces costs by saving both time and labour

All-Weather Installation

Our base siting system can be installed year-round, giving you flexibility and eliminating unnecessary delays

Sustainable Solution

Embrace an eco-friendly approach with our 100% concrete-free system



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Changing the way the holiday industry site

holiday homes, facility buildings, decking, hot tubs, pergolas & much more!

Join us in reducing your carbon footprint by up to 66%*

and choose STAYGROUNDED for a greener future in the holiday and leisure industry.

Customer Testimonial

Yorkshire spa retreat

“At Yorkshire Spa Retreat, we value sustainability and environmental responsibility. That’s why we are excited to support the STAYGROUNDED holiday home siting system, which utilises innovative siting methods to minimise the environmental impact of our holiday retreat. We believe that by adopting this new way of siting holiday homes, we can continue to offer our guests a luxurious and relaxing experience while also contributing to a more sustainable future.

The STAYGROUNDED product is also assisting with our planning application for our next holiday park, the concrete-free siting solution will save us time and money, and also provide a more attractive planning application reducing the impact to the land and ecology at our next holiday park location.”

Miles Dewhirst, Managing Director at Yorkshire Spa Retreat.

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