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We are a family-run business, committed to ‘client service’ and building solid relationships with our current and future clients

Staygrounded™️ is an award-winning product brought to you by GS4U Ltd.

At the heart of our business lies a dedication to family values. Being a family-run business, we prioritise ‘client service’ and strive to cultivate meaningful relationships with both our current and future clients. Whether you have domestic or commercial needs, large or small, we would be delighted to discuss any project requirements you may have.


Embracing a revolutionary shift in the holiday home and leisure park industry, our dedicated team, since the inception of STAYGROUNDED™️, has been ceaselessly working to transform conventional practices with our groundbreaking alternative to traditional foundations.

Through close collaboration with our clients, we’ve enabled our clients to not only reduce labour time and costs but also elevate the appeal of planning applications by minimising disruption to land and ecology.

Diverging from traditional approaches, STAYGROUNDED™️ breaks free from concrete reliance, offering a sustainable and weather-independent system, allowing installation in all conditions, and optimising project timelines.

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Leading innovation

We are privileged to benefit from the expertise, resources, and backing of the most seasoned management, design teams, and product developers in the UK Ground Screw market.

GS4U, the originator of the STAYGROUNDED™️ concrete-free siting system, is a family-owned business under the leadership of Andy Gabel, who collaborates with his son, heading one of our proficient teams of installers.

The team’s extensive knowledge and experience are invaluable, actively engaged in numerous complex and exciting projects in collaboration with structural engineers and design teams nationwide. The swift adoption of this system within the holiday and leisure industry is evident, and our team also plays a pivotal role in training ground screw installers across the UK.

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Quality Assurance and Testing Excellence

STAYGROUNDED™️ prioritises quality through meticulous testing procedures. We have made substantial investments in cutting-edge digital testing equipment, including GPR positioning and the most precise digital loading data available. This ensures strict adherence to loading design requirements, accompanied by comprehensive site reports to satisfy Planning and building warrants.

On expansive projects like modular buildings and lodges, we conduct rigorous testing to verify the correct number and size of Ground screws, ensuring they are installed and fit for purpose.

Given the diverse ground conditions across the UK, Ground screws may behave differently. Hence, pre-testing and the use of high-quality ground screws are imperative to mitigate risks for both the installation and the installation team. We collaborate closely with structural engineers and designers to guarantee the accuracy and correctness of all information throughout the project.

Clients can take comfort in the fact that STAYGROUNDED™️ ground screws are not only genuine but also the highest quality available on the market. This commitment ensures that we will never import cheap and inferior products, offering you unparalleled structural assurance and reliability.

What our clients say…

“STAYGROUNDED™️ is an essential part of our holiday park design. By embracing innovative siting methods, the Yorkshire Spa Retreat has set a standard for eco-conscious hospitality and lays the foundation for a more sustainable future in the realm of holiday retreats.”

Miles Dewhurst, Managing Director of Yorkshire Spa Retreats

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