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The Staygrounded system has been used across the UK as the benchmark in holiday home foundations. Here are a selection of case studies which showcase how it can be used in a variety of situations for maximum benefit.

Minimising the environmental impact for a luxury retreat

Yorkshire Spa Retreat, a beacon of luxury and environmental consciousness, identified that the traditional approach to siting lodges and holiday park buildings was at odds with their ethos of sustainability and ecological responsibility.

Transforming the installation of holiday homes & lodges

Holiday home manufacturer, Victory Leisure Homes, were seeking a siting solution to reshape their approach to installation. They were looking for an alternative that offered time and cost saving benefits as well as being a natural fit to their innovative approach.



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FAQs: STAYGROUNDED™️ The Innovative, Concrete-Free, Base Siting System

STAYGROUNDED™️ uses a cutting-edge ground screw system, eliminating the need for traditional concrete bases. This innovation significantly reduces costs, saves time, and promotes eco-friendly practices reducing our clients carbon footprint.
Experience lightning-fast project completion! With STAYGROUNDED™️, you can install up to 10 plots in a single day, thanks to our rapid siting process.
Absolutely! Unlike the construction conditions required for concrete, our system boasts all-weather installation capability, ensuring you can proceed with your project without weather-related delays.
Our quick and clean installation merges lift and tie-down into one system, streamlining the process for your convenience. Say goodbye to complex and time-consuming procedures! Plus, with minimal disruption to the ground, wastage, wildlife and local community, you can also benefit from a more simplified planning application.
The 100% concrete-free solution. STAYGROUNDED™️ minimises land disruption, prevents contamination, and offers efficient resource utilization. Plus, benefit from reduced noise, reusability and recyclability.
Certainly! Our ground screw system is versatile and suitable for various structures, including lodges, caravans, pods, hot tubs, pergolas, and facility buildings.
STAYGROUNDED™️ has proudly received the Land Leisure and Tourism Innovation Award in 2023, a testament to its groundbreaking contributions in ground screw foundations. With a growing client base choosing to leave behind old-fashioned siting methods and opt for this more efficient approach, take a look at the case studies on our website or arrange a meeting with us here (click link) to find out more.
Take a look at our case study section (Link here). Looking at a client that has used our siting method across the whole park, from facilities buildings to lodges, hot tubs and pergolas, Yorkshire Spa Retreat stands as a shining example of the vast benefits to be enjoyed with our system. By aligning with STAYGROUNDED™️, they not only achieved a luxurious and eco-conscious atmosphere but also simplified planning applications, reducing costs and time.
The system significantly reduces expenses through time, operational process, and labour savings. Experience a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.
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