Staygrounded Groundscrews


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Yorkshire Spa Retreat, a beacon of luxury and environmental consciousness, identified that the traditional approach to siting lodges and holiday park buildings was at odds with their ethos of sustainability and ecological responsibility.

This is where our innovative holiday home siting solution came in. A perfect complement to Yorkshire Spa Retreat’s strong environmental conscience, our STAYGROUNDED™️ system not only offers a tried and tested solution, but also aligns with their dedication to promote a more sustainable future.

Yorkshire Spa Retreat enjoy a range of benefits from partnering with STAYGROUNDED™️:

Innovative & Sustainable

Our innovative holiday home siting system enables Yorkshire Spa Retreat to create a luxurious and relaxing experience for its guests, while actively contributing to a more sustainable future. This strategic alignment with sustainable practices sets a precedent for eco-conscious hospitality.

Concrete-free Efficiency

STAYGROUNDED™️ played a pivotal role in the planning application for Yorkshire Spa Retreat’s luxury holiday park. Our concrete-free siting solution not only promised environmental benefits but also presented a compelling case for efficiency – saving time and money.

Enhancing Planning Applications

STAYGROUNDED™️ proves an asset in enhancing planning applications by reducing the impact on the land and ecology at the next holiday park location. This strategic advantage not only streamlines the approval process but also reflects Yorkshire Spa Retreats’ commitment to responsible land use.

“STAYGROUNDED™️ is an essential part of our holiday park design. By embracing innovative siting methods, the Yorkshire Spa Retreat has set a standard for eco-conscious hospitality and lays the foundation for a more sustainable future in the realm of holiday retreats.”
Miles Dewhurst, Managing Director of Yorkshire Spa Retreats