Staygrounded Groundscrews


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Holiday home manufacturer, Victory Leisure Homes, were seeking a siting solution to reshape their approach to installation. They were looking for an alternative that offered time and cost saving benefits as well as being a natural fit to their innovative approach.

Working closely with the team at Victory Leisure Homes, STAYGROUNDED™️ offers the perfect approach. Our innovative siting system promises a swift turnaround from the time a holiday home is delivered to the point of seamless installation on the park.

Victory Leisure Homes enjoy a range of benefits from partnering with STAYGROUNDED™️:

Groundbreaking Installation Speed

The speed and ease with which Victory Leisure Homes’ holiday lodges can be securely anchored to the ground using ground screws has been transformed. Our STAYGROUNDED™️ system eliminates the hassle of pouring concrete, waiting for it to cure and associated risks. This breakthrough in installation has driven time- and cost efficiencies for their business.

Time & Cost Saving Without Compromise

STAYGROUNDED™️ facilitates quicker installations, and saves both time and money, all while ensuring the structural integrity of Victory’s homes remains uncompromised. The elimination of traditional installation hurdles has streamlined processes for them, leading to increased productivity and reduced costs.

Environmental Commitment

The environmental benefits of STAYGROUNDED™️ align seamlessly with Victory’s commitment to sustainability. The significant reduction in materials and waste reflects a conscientious effort towards minimising their ecological footprint. Partnering with STAYGROUNDED™️ has enabled them to contribute to a greener, more sustainable future for the holiday home manufacturing industry.

“The STAYGROUNDED™️ system has evolved into an indispensable component of our manufacturing process, instilling confidence that it will continue to revolutionise the way holiday homes are installed and enjoyed across the industry. The system’s impact extends beyond efficiency gains, encompassing environmental responsibility and a promising future for the industry at large.”
Shirin Kemp, Director of Marketing & PR, Victory Leisure Homes