Staygrounded Groundscrews

The Innovative siting system revolutionising the Holiday & Leisure Industry

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STAYGROUNDED is a cutting-edge holiday home siting system specifically designed for the holiday and leisure park industry. Unlike traditional methods that rely on concrete or other materials, STAYGROUNDED utilises a unique ground screw system to create sturdy foundations for various structures, including Lodges, Caravans, Pods, Hot Tubs, Pergolas and facility buildings.

By eliminating the costly, time-consuming, and environmentally challenging aspects of conventional bases, our STAYGROUNDED solution saves time and money from the siting process. With our system securely driven into the ground, and the building structure firmly anchored, siting a Lodge, Caravan, Pod, facility building has never been easier!

Save Time, Save Money, Save the Environment!

In the world of holiday and leisure parks, where tranquillity meets adventure, the key to a perfect getaway lies in seamless planning and execution. Introducing STAYGROUNDED; the game-changing holiday home siting system that’s redefining the industry.

At GS4U Ltd., a family-owned business, Andy Gabel takes the helm, spearheading our mission to revolutionise the holiday and leisure park industry.
Andy’s journey is a testament to family values and a passion for excellence. Together with his son, Andy has built GS4U Ltd. into a company that’s making waves in the industry. Their shared commitment to delivering exceptional results is at the heart of everything we do.


GS4U Ltd. has introduced STAYGROUNDED, a innovative holiday home siting system. This
groundbreaking technology utilises a unique ground screw system to provide sturdy foundations for a range of structures, from Lodges and Caravans to Pods, Hot Tubs, Pergolas, and facility buildings.

Savings and Efficiency

Thanks to STAYGROUNDED, we’ve eliminated the costly, time- consuming, and environmentally challenging aspects of traditional bases. Andy’s vision has led to a holiday home system that not only saves you money but also reduces siting time, allowing you to welcome guests sooner and maximise your revenue potential.

Eco-Friendly Innovation

We’re committed to sustainability, and the business reflects this. STAYGROUNDED minimises your carbon footprint, making it an eco- friendly choice for your holiday park.

Elevate Your Holiday Park

Experience the difference of working with GS4U Ltd. Let us help you create unforgettable experiences for your guests while reducing your operational headaches.
Reach out to us today and discover how STAYGROUNDED can enhance your holiday park and take it to the next level.

Your dream destination awaits, and we’re here to make it happen.

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