Staygrounded Groundscrews

We Won!

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And the winners are!

Congratulations to the team at STAYGROUNDED™️ for winning the Land Leisure and Tourism Innovation Award at the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation exhibition!

This recognition highlights the incredible innovation and hard work of our team. We’re excited to continue revolutionising holiday home siting.

STAYGROUNDED™ is the ideal choice for holiday home siting because it offers:

    • Increased Speed: Install up to 10 plots in a single day.
    • Clean Installations: Combines lift and tie-down systems for convenience.
    • Cost Reduction: Saves time and labour, significantly reducing costs.
    • All-Weather Installation: Year-round installation eliminates delays.
    • Sustainable Solution: 100% concrete-free, eco-friendly approach.


Choose STAYGROUNDED™ for efficiency, cost savings, and eco-friendliness in holiday home siting.

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